SS 2017


Haute Couture - Paris SS 2017, Schiaparelli 

Bertrand Guyon, creative director of the maison Schiaparelli, has always been fascinated by the universe of this extraordinary desecrating and innovative fashion house able to create a stylistic universe all its own, unmistakable.

The so strong surrealistic vein of this founder, the iconic Elsa Schiaparelli, lives on even today, as evidenced by the last haute couture spring/summer 2017  collection where bon chic bon genre garments and suits extremely refined are accompanied by looks that want to hit the collective imagination that, you know, needs to be constantly stimulated by cutting edge ideas.

Schiaparelli is thus able again to displace everyone, from the press to the public, dropping a poker of ACEs made by tradition, desecration, irony and experimentation and, ladies and gentlemen, the dealer wins and Bertrand Guyon brings home another victory, between critical acclaim and demonstrating that humor and joie de vivre are charged ever in a world that needs them like the air.

The Schiaparelli haute couture, so sunny in its clothes, eclectic in its volumes and preciously linked to the concept of avant-garde about silhouettes and shapes, is the proof that the spirit of the founder lives brighter than ever, illuminating the steps of various creators who are going on to creative direction.

Why, just as firmly believed the Italian Elsa who always approached the couture as a form of artistic expression, the real fashion is never frivolous because it's rooted in religion, politics and, for a fact, in art.


Mood: surrealism and contemporary-chic allure
Lenght: from mini to extra long
Breadth:skinny shapes for jackets and pants; wide for cape and balloon skirt for the evening
Colors: white, black, pink, red
Fabrics: satin, silk, leather 

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